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Using Amazon Prime to Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Be sure to follow the progress of Hurricane Florence at .  Our dedicated members of weather enthusiasts and metrologists provide updates and tracking information as the hurricane approaches the United States.

As residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia are bracing for the impact of category 4 Hurricane Florence later this week, some are finding that store shelves are already becoming barren of essential items.  The fact that this storm was so quickly identified and tracked means that people are taking the warnings seriously and are already preparing for the damaging wind and possible flooding that can occur with a storm of this magnitude. The last time the Carolinas took on a Category 4 storm was in 1989 with Hugo which caused wide area of substantial damage.

So with store shelves being emptied soon after restocking, what are the best ways to prepare for a hurricane with ample warning?  Turn to Amazon.  Prime members, with free two-day shipping, can have supplies on their doorstep within days if they take the time to order today (Monday).

Here are a few favorite items that I think would prove useful during and after the storm.


I keep portable lanterns in every bedroom in my house.  They are within arms reach for those moments you wake up with no power.  They are bright, last a long time and you can adjust how much light they put out by moving the lantern up and down in its shell.


I have an older model of the TuffGear solar panel and it has proven itself over and over. Between hiking, travel in remote areas or that time I left my car – phone charger in my rental.  This is an easy setup to spread out and plug in your phone for a good charge.  Don’t forget those batteries!  I’ve only got AA listed here but there more sizes and quantities.  Can’t beat the price either.


I mentioned before I keep the portable solar panel in my backpack, the other item I keep in there is an NOAA/AM/FM Crank/Solar radio.  You never know when disaster is going to strike and having easy access to radio communication could save you from venturing in a damaged area or at the very least get important updates during and after a storm.

Other Items of Interest

First Aid kits are a given.  If you don’t like these check out the VAST selection on Amazon.  I also find these camping water containers helpful after a storm as well.