Forum Upgrades – April 9, 2019

** Update – 12:30AM – All updates have been loaded and we are back to normal operations.

** Update – 12:08AM – One of our updates took a bit longer than expected to transfer.  Board is now officially off-line for updates.  Should be back online at 12:35AM.  ~Wes

Greetings TalkWeather nation,

As we are preparing for several rounds of severe weather across the country, especially the southeast, we will be performing a few upgrades on the forum software and servers.  This upgrade will ensure our forum software is at the most current version and also will provide a faster load time for the forum during heavy usage.

The software update will begin at 11:30pm, Tuesday, April 9, 2019.  The expected downtime will be less than 30 minutes.

Updates will be made to this post in regards to the status of the forum.  However, don’t worry we have multiple backups and a standby set of servers and databases in case anything goes wrong.

More updates shortly.