TalkWeather Forum Upgrades (July 3, 2021)

Welcome TalkWeather members!

At this time TalkWeather forum is undergoing a backend upgrade to a new system archtecture that will help improve the responisveness of the site, especially during severe weather events. It will also help us plan to grow with additional resources for members expected to be added later this year. However, in order to make this transition the database and applications servers will be down for around an hour on the afternoon of July 3, 2021.

Updates will be posted to this page as progress is made. If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail us at



**July 3, 2021 – 7:51 pm central**
We were unable to clear the network issue so we have restarted the old servers and databases. We will try to replicate the issue in our development environment and try again another day.

**July 3, 2021 – 7:15 pm central**
Network issue found and being worked. Next update at 8:00 p.m.

**July 3, 2021 – 6:45 pm central**
New webservers updated and working out networking. Next update at 7:15 p.m.

**July 3, 2021 – 6:15 pm central**
Database backup completed and new database deployed. Web servers backed up and in process of being redeployed. Next update at 6:45pm.

**July 3, 2021 – 5:50pm central**
Forum re-direct now live to this blog post. Database backup is in progress. Next update at 6:15 p.m.